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August 4 ,2021.
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With an increasingly challenging business environment, organisations are under pressure to perform. The sales & marketing function is probably the most affected under the current economic scenario.

With a rich combination of knowledge & experience in Industrial Sales & Marketing, we work with the organisations to Improve Sales & Marketing, Identify market opportunities & develop Sales & Marketing Skills to address the emerging challenges & opportunities. Learn more how we have helped organisations like yours thro;

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August Highlights. 
Article: Customer segmentation.

Customer Segmentation, is the subdivision of a market into discrete customer groups that share similar characteristics.

It also divides customers into groups based on the distinct underlying needs or characteristics driving their purchase decisions. Segmentation is a powerful marketing tool to identify unmet customer needs.

Truly distinct customer segments respond to different value propositions & require different strategic approaches. Customer Segmentation is most effective when a company tailors offerings to segments that are the most profitable & serves them with distinct competitive advantages.

This prioritization can help organizations develop marketing campaigns and pricing strategies to extract maximum value from both high- and low- profit customers. Customer Segmentation also serves as fundamental basis for allocating..........Read more.>>

Most referred article:Marketing guide to small & Medium business.
  There is no doubt that marketing can present significant challenges for the Small & Medium Sized businesses (SMB). The limited human and financial resources puts severe limitations on what marketing activity can be carried out. While in theory, the marketing principles are applicable to all the organisations irrespective of their sizes, the ability to apply and implement many of these principles depends on the availability & willingness to deploy the resources.

In this comprehensive guide, I have compiled decades of experience working with a large number of small & Medium business & have suggested how to handle the resource constraints while preparing marketing plan for SMB's.

To know more details about the strategies & the action plan you can immediate implement download the comprehensive guide.

# Current assignments.
a For a leading Steel plant Automation solution provider, mentoring for Developing & implementing Sales-Mktg processes, New markets entry & Project management.
 For the country's leading Resin Bonded Abrasive products mfg,improve Sales-Marketing process, with primary focus on Improving distribution network , Managing key accounts & Developing retail busines.
  For a leading Medical Devices Manufacturer, : Market study for regulatory requirements in Europe, Middle East, Africa & SE Asia, for a Class III device.
For a leading software development organisation; Market Study & SRS for Project Portfolio Management software. The software is being designed for Engineering SME's, covering critical elements of Project Portfoio Management
Recent assignments >>
# Improve business skills.
Executive Education Program.
# For your next sales meeting.
Get valuable inputs for your upcoming Sales conference, Team meeting or Target setting session. With a vast experience of nearly two decades, in variety of industry sectors, we provide key guidelines to help you achieve desirable results.
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