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September 22 2019.
Succession planning in sales department.

After you've found a right person to replace you, things could get wrong when you introduce the person to your sales team!

For your business to grow, you may need to hand over the sales force management to a new blood. Also for you to grow, you need to bring in fresh talent, who can take over from you. Turning over control of the team, you've nurtured for years, can become a tricky exercise.

To gracefully & effectively hand over the sales role; you need to follow these important steps to hire and introduce your replacement:

Identify the talent you seek. It's the nature of many managers to look for a replacement who mirrors his or her own strengths. But bringing in fresh talent is a excellent opportunity to complement your skills rather than hiring a copy. Find someone who'll add a level of leadership to your company. Also, don't be afraid to hire a manager, who may one day be better your record. The best CEOs in the world enjoy surrounded by greater talent than their own.

Introduce the new manager to the sales team. This is the trickiest part of the process, as building trust and rapport with the team members takes time. Set the tone from the introduction; include clarity on the manager's role and the role of each team member. The smoothness of the transition will depend on; how well the new manager fits into the company culture and how different is his management style.

Make it simpler for the team members. Emphasize the skills & talent of the new manager that makes a great fit for the company and the team. Allow time for the new maneger to address the group from both a business and a personal perspective. Encourage the new manager not to speak about changes, but rather about the excitement about working with the team. The new manager should also make a point to share a few key facts about the life outside of work. It helps the team members connect emotionally when they know they share something in common with the manager.

Avoid potential conflicts in the new management. Sales representatives are sometimes stubborn & resist any changes in their way of doing things. So the new manager should be very carefull about the changes, especially which affect the payscale/Commisions. Be prepared for a few resignations, (which in some cases is required). Make the changes slowly & step by step.

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