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September 22 2019.
 Four decision makers in any selling opportunity.

Identifying & reaching the right decision maker is always challenging & critical to winning business in today's economic climate. As sales professionals, we must change the way we sell to address the challenges the new buying environment poses:

* It is getting harder and harder to find budgets.
* More decision makers at higher levels are becoming involved in the sales cycle.
* Customers are getting cautious about the future.

As finance is harder to arrange & the risk for a bad decision is greater, we find decision makers are getting more caeful before putting their signature on a buy decision. In such a scenario, we would come across 4 types of decision makers, they are;

> Technical Buyers-The people who want to make sure that your solution meets specifications. Does it comply with the budget? Will it integrate with the current system? The most common Technical Buyers are purchasing people.

> User Buyers -The people who use your product. They can be key influencers if they think it will greatly enhance their productivity or if it could really diminish it.

> Economic Buyers-They can say yes; they can get the budget and they can make the deal happen. They will certainly rely on the users and the technical buyers to help them make a good decision.

> Mentors-They are key to a successful opportunity. These are the people within the organization who have credibility and want to help you win; they believe in you and your solution.

The skill is to bring all of these people together so they have a few common themes they can all relate to. You know you've accomplished this when they can talk about your company and speak with clarity about what your company can do for them.

The other key is to make sure you gain access to the Economic Buyer and you don't waste a lot of time with people who can't say "Yes." But you still need to remember, talk to all of the different influencers to make sure you are covering all the possibilities & you're perceived as an valuable asset-not just another vendor.

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