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September 22 2019.
Expectations from a Sales engineer remains unchanged over decades. .

Over the past two decades, I have been studying behaviour of Sales engineer,Purchase manager & their fascinating dialogues. I have come across some interesting findings & most of them have not changed, ever since I made my first sale.

Today sales people have less time for face-to-face meeting with the buyer.
As less time is available, sales people need to have good 'homework' about the customers needs & how does the offered product/solution fits the buyers' expectations.

Importance of price.
Majority of buyers still base the decision on basis of price.However, dig deeper you will be surprised to discover, the decision was coupled with one or more of the following reasons,
* Selling organisations' track record.
* Service quality.
* Meeting Specs.
* Delivery & support.
* Product quality.

Buyers who came across sales people claiming "we can do it cheaper" are many times given lowest preference.

Power of persuasion.
Major reasons why certain sales people were preferred over others are;
1. Questioning,Listening & Presentation skills.
2. Knowledge of customers' business & markets.
3. Product knowledge.
4. Time awareness.
5. Professional approach.

I have also observed; selling organisations many times ignore to train the front end (& in some unfortunate cases Middle & Senior management) in the following areas.

Concentrating on sales person's market & product knowledge.
*Better design of 'sales story'
*Effective communication skills.

Imp: With most products/solutions becoming more & more similar, the sales people have become the singe most important source of differentiation.

experience of two decades, read "How we help our clients" to improve business.




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