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September 22 2019.
 How to delegate?

During many of my interactions with senior Sales-Marketing managers , I often hear "Sanjay, I have so much workload, that I rarely go home before 9'(@ night!). "Many times I have to come to office even on Sundays" . "Working this way for a long time I think, I am addicted (to work!) & its difficult to find time for my family'.

In a lighter vein I suggested - Only busy people find time !

But digging deeper, I find it's a serious problem of "Delegation".

One of essentials skills of a successful Sales - Marketing manager is 'Delegation'. Job of the senior Sales-Marketing manager is to get job done thro people & other resources. Effective delegation involves spending less time doing & more on planning, organising resources & coaching people who need help. In many cases I find, seniors hesitate to delegate for a 'fear of losing control ", or sometimes they behave to other extreme, delegate everything leading to " authority wihout any responsibility".

Lets look at the typical excuses managers give for insufficient delegation & what they can do about it,

- "I dont have confidence in them" - In this situation one can start delegating small tasks & build confidence slowly.

- "I like doing it my way" - You can get work done by stating the quality of results you expect rather than expecting how things should be done in detail. Let the subordinates use their skills (& intelligence )to get the job done.

 "They are already having lot of work & I dont want to load them further" - It could be a fact, but aspiring subordinates will most of the time appreciate your confidence in them to do an important work. These are the subordinates you look forward to take over from you.

Let's understand benefits of effective delegation to the manager & his organisation.

> On delegation you reduce the workload & stress by involving others qualified to handle the job.
> It results in more time available for activities requiring your managerial skills & authority like; planning, business analysis, operation management, managing resouces handling key people issues etc.
> Delegating also helps to improve trust.
> It also tests the subordinate for higher responsibilities.

How does one know he has problem of effective delegation? Look at these signs.

1. Your in-box is always full.
2. You are working overtime on the job which you feel nobody else can do
3. Delegated activities are never completed in time.
4. Your subordinates feel they dont have required authority & resources.
5. Decisions of your subordinate is a mystery to you & you frequently intervene.
6. People avoid taking responsibility for the delegated tasks.
7. Staff morale is low & employee turnover is rising.

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