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December 2 2020.
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December issue -- Customer segmentation.
-- Building profits after sale -- Marketing to engineers.
-- I lost the sale now what ?? --Improve business by Branding 
-- Why companies don't invest in Marketing? -- Understanding customers customer is the key to success.
-- Is your organisation Sales driven or Marketing? -- Where does the Marketing stop?
-- How to delegate? -- Four decision makers in any selling opportunity.
-- Who is my ideal customer? -- Marketing guide to small & medium business.
-- 5 questions. -- Expectations from a sales engineer remains unchanged.
-- Secrets of a better customer feedback. -- Develop services for a deeper customer relationship.
-- Succession planning in sales department. -- How do you decide? A self appraisal.
-- Be a better manager in 2011. -- How productive is your sales staff ?
-- Sales Vs marketing. -- First offer for a successful sales negotiation.
-- Common lies by the customers. -- Information pollution
-- Emotions in industrial buying. -- Essential skills for handling "C" level management.
-- What price to quote? -- Questioning skills.
-- Ethics in selling. -- Difference is in the Soft skills.
-- Research for a successful sales call. -- Disappearing customers.
-- Delivery is getting delayed, what do I do? -- You are as good as your dumbest competitor !
-- Who is responsible for your professional development ? -- Quality tool to improve sales.
-- For a bright future look at the history. -- Communication in difficult times.
-- What I did in last recession. -- Let's get back to the basics.
-- Your World is Flat ! -- Identify decision maker in difficult times.
-- When teamwork doesn't work. -- Marketing strategies for the coming recession.
-- Do you have the right relations? -- Order was lost because of price.
-- How would you propose? -- Secrets of SME business development.
-- Do you know enough about competition ? -- Your CEO is a valuable marketing resource.
-- Common mistakes in sales proposals. -- There are gaps in your service quality.
-- Every employee can improve market reach. -- You call only when we have an enquiry.
-- Outsource your sales function. -- Few good questions.
-- Is your sales talk believable ? --Knowledge management in sales organisation.

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