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September 22 2019.
Sales Vs Marketing.

In most of the organisations I come across, there is a strong undercurrent of Sales Vs Marketing. Unfortunately in many cases its not a healthy type, but more of an adversary.This type of relationship slowly corrodes the atmosphere & is not conducive for a healthy growth of the organisation.

Lets look at common causes of this situation & what you can do about it.

Cause 1: Marketeers generate bad leads.

> Situation: Marketeers give enquiries which are unqualified, or unqualifiable.
> Experience: When Sales people complain, the marketeers make it personal & accusing the sales team of not knowing how to sell.
> Solution? Fire any marketeer who can’t consistently provide leads that the sales team - with its current skill set - can’t sell to.

Cause 2: Marketeers force IT on Sales.

> Situation: Marketeers expects the sales team to enter exhaustive customer data into the CRM system.
> Experience: The sales team is aware that most of that data does not help generate more sales.
> Solution? Modify the sales IT so that it always increases the amount of time that sales reps can spend on selling.

Cause3: Marketeers waste resources.

> Situation: Marketeers tend to expend money on fancy brochures,advertisements,& exhibitions where absence is felt but not the presence!
> Experience: The more money that’s spent on Marketing’s activities, the less money is available for discounts to customers.
> Solution? Get the sales team to develop budget for all marketing activities.

Cause 4: Marketeers try pose as “strategy people.”

> Situation: Marketeers think they’re strategist & are responsible for directing all activities throughout the company.
> Experience: Markeeters try to
> Solution? Performance review of the marketeers should be based on the activities, which are measurable, monitorable & actionable.

Cause 5: Marketeers feel they’re “driving Sales.”

> Situation: Marketeers see selling as only one element in a grandiose strategic campaign.
> Experience: Sales know that marketing is only a service function to the sales team, which makes their behavior annoying.
> Solution? To inform that Marketing is supporting to Sales by making marketing reporting to sales function.

Cause 6: Marketeers are goaled on deliverables.

> Situation: Marketeers get remuneration when they produce enquiries, brochures and ads, even if none of these activity results in a single sale.
> Experience: If salespeople don’t make sales, they don’t get paid.
> Solution? Define goals and compensate Marketing on the ability of the Sales team to generate revenue and profit from Marketing’s leads.

Cause 7: Marketeers think selling is easy.

> Situation: Marketeers think that they can create so much quality demand that selling will be a just a formality of taking orders.
> Experience: Most of the marketing promotion activities don’t create demand, especially in B2B, where customers generally ignore ads and collateral.
> Solution? Ensure marketeers make sales calls for say 5 days a month & they will understand how hard it is.

Cause 8: Marketeers want to eliminate Sales.

> Situation: Marketeers are taught in business school (except honorable few !) that good marketing can make a sales force unnecessary.
> Experience: Unless a product is a fit & forget commodity, a sales rep is always a necessity. Especially in B2B.
> Solution? Make it clear in the objectives of the marketing team that they are there to support the sales team, not to replace it.

Cause 9: Marketeers try to look down upon everybody else, especially Sales

> Situation: Marketeers often have business degrees, which makes them think they’re better than sales reps who don’t need a degree to sell.
> Experience: Business degrees are generally of no use, unless backed with a good field experience.
> Solution? Require MBAs to spend at least six months in Sales before being allowed to work in Marketing.

So what's the situation in your organisation?
Lets meet & see how we can address the situation !

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