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December 2 2020.
Executive Education Program
Executive Education Program.

With an increasingly challenging business environment, organisations are under pressure to perform. The sales & marketing function is probably the most affected under the current economic scenario.

With a rich combination of knowledge & experience, we work with the senior management to improve Sales & Marketing. The changes we make & skills we impart are sustainable & stand test of tough market conditions. We have developed special "In-house programs" to address this unprecendented market condition.

In-house programs:

Improve Sales & Marketing efficiency.

Managing strategic accounts.
Improve sales forecasting.
Solution selling.
Negotiation Skills for Sales Executives. Managing Channels of Distribution.

Market research. How to, Do's & Dont's.

Effective communication skills.

Why An In-house Program? -The "In House" program is conducted within your organization. We have experienced from a number of public programs; the training (& learning) needs of executives are not satisfactorily addressed. This primarily due to a situation - the participants are from variety of industry & experience background. Hence the growing need for an "In House" executive education program.

Integrating Theory & Practice of two decades: -We emphasizes the connection between theory & practical examples through real-life situation from YOUR INDUSTRY SECTOR. The program has a core element of theory & practice derived from your "real life" situations. The programs are developed after studying your market & understanding specific challenges faced by your executives. Within each program, participants will develop personal action plan by applying learning to their individual business challenges.

Program methodology:-Before the start of the program, we seek details about the parcticipants, their work experience, background & typical field problems. A brief from the immediate senior of the particiant is sought to understand skill level & expectations from the organisation. This gives us a base to develop the theoretical part of the program & also to share experiences from similar situations from other industry sectors.

The programs are extremely interactive, covering real life situations & problems participants face while working in the field (& office). Each participant is expected to contribute a real life situation to be discussed in the class. At the end of each session, the participant writes the learning in the given handout. This learning is implemented in his immediate day to day working. A followup session is conducted with the participants & their immediate senior.

The said programs are being conducted within the organisations from a variety of industry sectors such as; Electronics, Chemicals, Instrumentation, Engineering, Services, Software & Manufacturing, etc. The program is designed for Senior & Mid level management.


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