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September 22 2019.
Who is responsible for your professional development?

Its obvious, YOU!

Its not your Human Resources or Personnel department or even your immediate Boss.

Each individual should take responsibility for his/her professional development, to remain employable in the company & in the industry where yo would like to make a career. Presently, I find in many organisations, learning & professional development budgets are getting restricted. So how would you work on professional development?

So whether you are employed or searching for job, I would suggest you can try the following initiatives, to address professional development needs;

1. Join & contribute to a professional association related to your industry. This will help you keep in touch with latest industry trends & happenings.

2. Have one major learning experience each quarter. If your present job is not giving necessary challenges, seek out other opportunities. Volunteer for a nonprofit, attend a conference, or take a class. Remember it should be your initiative.

3. Take a self-performance review. Look at your growth and performance. Be truthful about your strengths and weaknesses and what you should focus on in the coming year.

4. Write your resume / C.V. once every 6 months. Check if there is any addition in the experience, skills or references. Identify & work on the areas & skills for improvements.

5. Meet with at least two former colleagues each month. Discuss - seek information about your industry and how is it developing. It will help to keep track of opportunities & trends. This will also help you to be prepare for unpleasant surprises.

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