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September 22 2019.
Do you have the right relations?

No doubt you know by heart, the features & key performance parameters of the product/service you are selling. But beyond the features, performance parameters & "competitive price ", the fact remains that customers base their purchase decision on what they believe your product / service will do for them.

Its' the healthy relationship with your client, helps him to believe in your solution. He will less likely to treat your discussion as a mere "sales talk".

# So do you have the right relationship?
Many successfull salespeople I know, invest majority of their time in building an open & trusting relationship with the client. The rapport they establish gives them a solid foundation from which it is easy to develop a solution specifically addressing the client's needs. An important point to note is that that this does not mean that the client has to like you. I have come across many hapless sales guys going thro' all types antics trying to make sure client likes them. Do not waste your time on activities that are more aligned with getting this person to like you. Instead, focus on getting him/them to see you as credible and trustworthy individual.

# Focus on the client.
Developing an open dialogue with the clients' buying team, results in a free exchange of information and enhances credibility for professionals. The more your client feels that you are operating in his best interest, he will share more information, which will help you develop the 'right solution' & value proposition.

# To develop & build strong relationships, most of the successful sales guys I come across do the following ;

> Be direct and ask what are the clients' needs. Your concern for determining essential criteria, will help them illustrate your desire to work together.
> Be a good listener. Listening client, as they express wishes, concerns and circumstances demonstrates that you do care about them.

They honor the commitment. Develop trust by following through in a timely manner to deliver the results you promised.

An important point to note is that healthy relationships are developed over a period of time, have patience, its not a 'two days' job as many impatient sales guys think !

It also means, sales person needs to keep in touch with present/potential client even if there is no sales enquiry.

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