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December 2 2020.
Practice Areas

practice areas, we work with you to improve the process & effectiveness of the specific activities.

   They are backed by skills and experience to assist top management in arriving at sound business decisions
Practice Areas
Sales & Channel management.
Industrial marketing.
Sales Process management.
Customer survey.

Sales & Channel management.
No marketing area is undergoing greater change than sales and channel management.We typically begin by identifying and understanding the needs of key customer segments. We then work with the client to develop and implement a strategy that is tailored for each segment.

The resulting design is followed by a detailed understanding of the roles, skills & organizational capabilities required for the new design to be successfully implemented. In addition to developing the best possible approaches, our current knowledge building efforts focus on the issues our clients face in channel conflict, skill building, and systems integration as they face market challenges.

Industrial Marketing.
As the new economy develops, Industrial (B2B) marketing is undergoing enormous change. Product lifecycles are shortening and new competitors are emerging. Customers' aggressive supply-chain techniques threaten to reduce suppliers margins. In response, you should be looking for ways to differentiate & achieve growth by developing new service or solution-based offerings.

We help you to develop a comprehensive approach to Industrial (B2B) marketing that covers strategic issues (i.e., what to offer to whom), marketing tactics (i.e., what mix of products, sales and channel choices, brands, and prices will best deliver the desired value proposition), and organization choices (i.e., what are the best roles for product groups, segment groups, geographic units, and functional specialists).

Sales Process management.
In many highly competitive industries, profitable growth hinges on increasing the number and value of relationships with high-potential customers and prospects.

Improving the Sales process provides a distinct competitive advantage and can transform business performance by increasing the attraction of profitable new customers.

In your organization our work targets the following areas :

Inquiry handling & Management
Key account management
Solution selling .
Sales Organization Effectiveness.

Customer survey.
Over past few years customer surveys have become important tool to keep track of satisfaction levels amongst various customer segments. It is also most cost effective tool to identify improvement areas in various business processes especially Pre-sales & Post sales processes.

Typical steps we follow are:
1. Defining scope & objective of survey.
Quistionaire design.
Conducting field/online/in person/e-mail survey.
Data Analysis(Quantitive & Qualititive).
Presentation of survey findings & suggestions for improvement areas.

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