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December 2 2020.
Business Study.2006

The Service Business Opportunity study.

Download (110 kb )
the complete report.


In a growing economy, Services & After sales service is one of the fastest growth areas for any organization.
They can contribute a larger share of profits to the organization.
We conducted an extensive 4 months’ ( March~ July) “The Service Business opportunity study™. 2006”.

This landmark study, focuses on Service business challenges such as;
Service business Management capabilities.
Service business Customer support capability.
Service business Sales & marketing capabilities.
Business processes improvement plan.
 * 965 Senior level respondents.
 * From 12 key busines sectors.

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   Critical highlights of the study-
53% of the respondents have after sales service revenue of less than 10% of their turnover.
Virtually all have understood importance of service revenue & plan to substantially improve it.
65% feel a for a successful service business, separate marketing plan & market segmentation needs to be conducted.

Download & read more on:
^ Suggestions to address service business opportunity.
^ Key thoughts on marketing of services.
Download (110 kb )
the complete report.


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