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September 22 2019.
Sep 06
Is your sales-talk believable ?

It is often the experience of sales people, buyers' are becoming more knowledgeable about the products & solutions they need. Similarly, due to increasing availability of information, they have become become more careful about the 'sales-talk' & don't get carried away.

It is becoming increasingly important ( & difficult ! ) for a salesperson to be 'Believable'.

So in this challenging scenario, what should the sales person do?

Step 1: First step is to have confidence in;

* Yourself,
* The product you propose to sell &
* The organisation you represent.

Easy said than done ! But how does one develop confidence ? Its nothing unique..... let's see what are sources of confidence;

> If you recognise and believe that you can solve customer's problem by yourself (& or with the help of others), you will feel confident.
> If you realise, one need not have to solve the problem or answer a difficult question immediately on the spot, you will feel confident.
> When you believe you will do your best to help the customer, you will feel confident.
> &, If you share the truth in the best interest of the customer, you will be confident.

Step 2: On having the confidence, Sell yourself to be more believable !
Go beyond normal sales-talk, refer specific customer success stories, that prove your & the ability of the organisation you represent. When you learn of the actual customer experience behind the claims you sell, you too will have much deeper conviction to your beliefs. Next time a customer questions your 'sales-talk', you will be able to back it with real proof - your customer's success stories. The most important: your buyer will be more convinced due to your consistency of belief in your products and yourself.

Step 3
: Develop credibility. Credibility comes from Depth & consistence of your behaviour.
Sales person should ask himself; how strong is my conviction in the organisation's ability to deliver on the promises. It is observed that the experienced sales person are more effective. They have developed deeper conviction in the products' capability & what their organisation can do (or cannot do ! ). When a sales person speaks the truth & he is confident of being right, it shows thro' his behaviour, eye contact, his voice, type of words he uses. Similarly, if he is uncertain (or worse, lying knowingly) it shows thro' as well. Believe me buyers are getting smarter every day!

Many times, I had found myself in a situation for which, neither was I trained nor qualified. The 3 sources of confidence & conviction helped me to gain the client's trust (& in many cases a long business relationship).

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